As I’ve already mentioned in my previous posts, I’d spent most of my days with fear and today was no exception.
I’m sure that many of you guys (who have OCD) were/ or are afraid of chocking.So that’s exactly what happened to me today. As usually, I was having my lunchbreak at work – so of course for an average person it would not seem to be something really dangerous, but not for me, as myself, I see danger everywhere, I suddenly started to question myself: what If I am allergic to this pizza? Obviously, I’m not allergic to any of the ingredients, but then, my brain would not stop asking me the typical OCD question: but what if?
So, this “what if” went a little bit further, until the point where I could actually feel that I could choke and die at any moment. And of course, in the meantime I had to pretend that everything was alright as one can not afford oneself talking about OCD in the middle of the office.
Now that the whole OCD attack is over, I can even laugh at myself – and that’s the only good thing about this whole terror. When it’s over, I can make fun of myself and see how irrational I was, but then, obviously, at the moment when I have these thoughts, everything looks really dark.
So that’s pretty much it for today. Just another typical day with OCD – as a final thought, let’s be a bit positive – at least this is something that always remains constant in our ever-changing world.
Please do not hesitate to share any comments about your own OCD story – looking forward to hearing from you guys! 🙂


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