Hi All,

I am sorry for disappearing for so long, however, I have been busy with a lot of things – yes, as the title says, I have moved to another country. As everything else in this world, moving is also a really challenging thing when you have OCD.
I think many of you may have experienced the things that I did. What if the company decides to revoke the job offer at the very last moment? Obviously, this was one of my biggest fears. Of course, this fear had been almost totally irrealistic, but try to explain this to someone who has OCD. I spent a lot of sleepless nights constantly worrying about the possibility of a revoked job offer.
So, yes, that was one of the main reason I have not posted anything on here for so long – I was afraid that if I wrote it down it would somehow become real. And yes, of course OCD would never stop at this point – signing the contract did not make things much easier as after signing it, a new fear arised: what if I get sick and will not be able to work?
All this may sound ridiculous to those without OCD, but I am pretty sure that most of the people who are dealing with the same problem can understand it perfectly.
Furthermore, let’s not mention about finding a flat: the constant fear that I would not find one and would have to give up on moving and getting a job in a different country just because of the fact that I am unable to find a flat.
However, overall, the moving itself turned out to be great and I am pretty satisfied with my life at the moment. A change is always a good thing – especially when you have OCD – a whole new city to explore and a lot of new things to learn. And let’s not forget about the new fears that one can have in a new country….as you may have noticed I am a type of person who likes making fun of his own situation so in the rare moments when I do not have OCD, I almost laugh when I imagine what kind of weird new fears I will developp while staying here. 🙂

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